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An aircraft tire must withstand a wide range of operational conditions. While on the ground, it must support the weight of the aircraft. During taxi, it must provide a stable, cushioned ride while resisting heat generation, abrasion, and wear. During take-off, the tire structure must be able to endure not only

the aircraft load, but also the forces generated at high angular velocities. Landing requires the tire to absorb impact shocks while also transmitting high dynamic braking loads to the ground.

All of thismust be accomplished while providing a long and reliable service life. These extreme demands require a tire that is highly engineered and precisely manufactured. The tire is a composite of a number of different rubber compounds, fabric material and steel. Each component and rubber compound serves a specific purpose in the performance of the tire.


All MICHELINR manufactured aircraft tires are certified for in-service operation to -55°C (-67°F) ambient.

Two different and distinct aircraft tire constructions are produced and provided on the market. Both nomenclatures describe the differences in casing construction.


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