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Fluid Temperature Sensors


AMETEK Inc. introduces a highly reliable, and cost effective method of sensing the temperature of engine oil for GEAE CF6-80C FADEC engines. The Temperature Engine Oil (TEO) Sensor (Model 8TC34ABV1) is comprised of a stainless steel flanged housing, Mil-C-83723 connector, and type K thermocouple wire sheathed in an MgO matrix inside a stainless steel tube. All components are welded to form a hermetically sealed unit. The dual element, enclosed thermocouple junction is precisely positioned in the engine oil line.  Other Fluid System Temperature Measurement Applications While the TEO was developed for engine oil, AMETEK has successfully designed and developed temperature measurement devices for fuel and hydraulic systems on commercial and military aerospace applications. AMETEK’s understanding of the environmental requirements for these systems provides highly reliable and cost effective solutions.

Temperature measurement can be accomplished using thermocouple or resistance temperature device (RTD) techniques depending upon system interface or accuracy considerations. Mechanical interface options include flange mount or threaded fluid fitting mounting. Electrical connections can be accomplished using receptacle connector orintegrated cable assembly with remote termination.


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Gas Turbine Thermocouple Systems


AMETEK has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and applying gas turbine temperature measurement systems. That experience has made AMETEK a world leader in the supply of qualified thermocouple systems to the aerospace and land/marine industry. AMETEK thermocouple reliability and performance means more power when needed, longer engine life, and lower cost of ownership. Field experience and advanced designs at AMETEK result in thermocouple probes operating over 2000ºF (1093ºC). Thermocouple harnesses feature either common junction arrangements, where the resistance of each thermocouple circuit is balanced, eliminating errors due to resistance variation; or individually wired probes for detailed gas path measurements. The averaging of thermocouple temperatures is a method commonly used for exhaust temperature systems.

AMETEK’s unitized construction yields greater temperature measurement accuracy by eliminating junctions that could cause secondary thermocouple effects due to either difference in the homogeneity of contacting materials, or the addition of circuit resistances resulting from the electrical connections.


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