bleed air ducting

bleed air ducting


Complete systems or components incorporating
Ball Joints, Link Joints, Gimbal Joints, Flanges, bellows Couplings or Seals.
Diameter range from 1/16” to 12” ID.
Temp. range from -70 FH - +1,200 FH (-57 C – 649C).
Fluid pressure: up to 5,000 psig.
Single and dual wall construction.
Insulated with sown blanket, stainless steel or molded pre-pregnated material.


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Butterfly valves do have some advantages:

• Typically shorter flange to flange

• Position indication

• Increased accuracy over wide range of inlet pressures and flow rates

• Slower acting than poppet valve, prevents rapid pressure rise downstream

• Easier to include manual over-ride




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