Mass Fuel Flowmeter


AMETEK Fuel Flowmeters have proven to be such more reliable in service than competitive fuel flowmeters.  AMETEK flowmeter reliability typically exceeds 50,000 hours MTBF in service.  This flowmeter design is a derivative of the proven 8TJ124 and 8TJ167 Fluid Driven Fuel flowmeters currently flying on numerous commercial transport applications.  the superior reliability of the TJ126 family results form the "lessons learned" and experienced gained over the years on these demanding applications.


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highMass Fuel Flowmeter 


Proven ConstructionThe 8TJ167 includes a solid wall main housing to contain the fuel stream and support the mechanical metering assembly.  Stationary components include the inlet flow conditioner, a spring-finger swirl-generator assembly, and two external coils.  Primary moving components, shaft mounted on bearings, include a turbine, impeller and viscous shroud.  Angular momentum is imparted to the fuel by a hetical groove passage bypassing value. 


Performance and TestAMETEK calibrates mass fuel flowmeters to better than +0.5% accuracy of point over typical cruise flow rates.  AMETEK has aggressively developed design improvements to assure performance is maintained over time and temperature.  Through these design improvements and tightened material tolerances, AMETEK has been able to achieve repeatable accuracy, independent of the fuel temperature.


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