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 SOI Pressure Transducer


AMETEK Aerospace & Defense has extensive experience supplying pressure transducers for aircraft hydraulic systems. AMETEK's Silicon-on-Insulator technology and patent-pending design yield high accuracy with unmatched reliability and stability in the most demanding environments. Available in absolute, gage or differential pressure configurations, the transducers are designed for high shock and high vibration environments. The transducers can be configured for low level electrical output (100 mV typical), voltage output (.5 to 5.5 VDC typical) or current output (4-20 mA). Other outputs for specific system compatibility are also available. The transducer has been tested to, and meets the most stringent EMC and HIRF requirements of MIL-STD-461F, DO-160E and D6-16050-5. Fully compatible with many media, these transducers can be adapted to have any pressure or electrical connection. Configurations including additional sensing capabilities and various levels of redundancy are also available.


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Pressure Transducers Thin Film


AMETEK thin film pressure transducers have a long and distinguished heritage for space applications. Long term reliability and stability have become the trademark of AMETEK’s thin film technology pressure transducers. These pressure transducers have been in space for over twenty years on many satellite and spacecraft programs, demonstrating stability better than ±0.10% of full scale output per year. AMETEK has pressure transducers mounted in a broad variety of applications – including manned and unmanned space vehicles, satellites, and interplanetary probes.


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