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Angle of Attack


AMETEK Aerospace Angle-of-Attack (AOA) transducers and the Stall Warning Systems which incorporate them are precision sensing devices that combine design simplicity, versatility, and component commonality. The result is reliable angle-of-attack and stall warning information for the pilot. Features include high reliability, single/dual output devices such as synchro, resolver, and potentiometer, temperature compensated damping, and a reliable self-regulating, deicing/anti-icing vane heater design. 

Stall Warning components offer ease of maintenance and conform to all applicable FAA, TSO, and military specifications. 


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Air Data Computer


Miniature air data computer based on AMETEK's successful line of RVSM certified altimeters. Provides air data information for OEM as well as cockpit upgrades. Replaces unreliable and unstable older air data sources.


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AMETEK Aerospace & Defense launches a major improvement in aircraft air data sensing – the Total Air Probe. The Total Air nique design (patent pending) replaces a number of traditional, separately and redundantly installed, air data ADMs including mechanical AOAs, Total Air Temperature Sensors, Pitot Probes, and Static Air Ports. The Total Airdata Probe delivers total and static pressure in mbars, temperature in deg C, angle of attack in degrees, and BIT (built-in test) status, with one ARINC 429 connection.


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